Was David Higgins In On The Fix Over His fighter Parker getting Screwed over by the Ref?

He caught him with a decent punch which he never even expected to knock Whyte down with as it was more due to Whyte’s fatigue rather than any momentous power Parker hit him with.

Parker didn’t complain about anything at all. Even in the Jenner fight, he was complaining to the ref regarding the excessive holding. In this fight he accepted anything and everything. Whyte pulled out and executed every single illegal move out of the foul book. Mid way through the fight, when his tank was half full he just allowed whyte off the hook time and time again.

Even someone with poor stamina can summon the energy to throw a sustained attack when their opponent is in serious danger.

There’s no way that fight was legitimate by any stretch of the imagination.

Higgins was in on it, Parker was in on it and of course Eddie was the one who organised the whole entire fix.

I’ve never seen a promoter more interested in looking the other way, down at their phone while they’re own fighter is getting battered with headbutts and rabbit punches.

Anyone else would be off their set or fixated on the action screaming at the ref to get hold of the fight.


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