Top Forwards in the NHL

I want to talk about who I think is the best forwards in the NHL. Of course there's, a bunch of forwards in the NHL and I am going to list the ones I think are the best. I am going to list these by skill, not just because of how many points they have. This list, in my opinion, is who I think is the best forwards.

Number One Forward: Sidney Crosby

– Sidney Crosby is the best player in the world, hands down. He can do everything. He has probably been the best player in the league ever since he entered the NHL. Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin have been battling ever since they entered league and now it looks obvious to me that Sidney Crosby is a better player. He is one of the strongest players on his skates since Peter Forsberg. The guy is so hard to knock off the puck. He has unbelievable sight. Some of the things he does, I can not wrap my head around. He makes the craziest passes. He is currently the point leader in the NHL with 99 points in 75 games.

Number Two Forward: Pavel Datsyuk

– I believe Pavel Datsyuk and Sidney Crosby are tied for the best players in the NHL. Pavel Datsyuk is the most exciting player to watch in the NHL. They call him the magic man. He has the greatest hands I have ever seen on a hockey player. He makes defenders look like idiots. He is a two way player. He has won a bunch of Selke trophies. These are awarded to the best forward who demonstrates the most skill in defensive component of the game. Pavel Datsyuk has highlight reel plays every night he plays. Pavel and Crosby have the best vision in the NHL. I believe Datsyuk has a better vision though. Some of the things he does are peer genius. He resembles Gretzky's vision. He currently has 33 points in 39 games played. He has been hurt for a long time now. The Red Wings are really hurting without him.

Number Three Forward: Jonathon Toews

– Jonathon Toews is one of the best two way players in the NHL. He is a great leader for the Blackhawks. Without Toews, I believe the hawks would struggle. He is their franchise player. He does not score a lot of goals, but can point up points when he wants to. He is very strong on the puck and is one of the hardest working players in the NHL. He has great hockey intelligence and does not turn the puck over. Along with Crosby, he is one of the strongest players with the puck. Dudes like a train.

Source by Jordan E Anderson

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