Simple Trick – How To Freestyle Rap Well Enough To Impress Your Friends

In this article I am going to  teach you how you can learn how to freestyle rap well enough to impress your friends. If you are reading this article that probably means that you are ready to develop some skill when it comes to the art of freestyle rapping. You should be aware that learning how to do this can be done but does take some work and dedication.

I am going to show you something that you can start doing right away to improve your off the top of the rhyming skills. Some people take freestyle rapping very serious and even compete in national competitions where money and a respected reputation can be won.

Other people do not take this as serious but still like to do it around their friends and family for fun. There’s been tons of times when I Have been hanging out with my friends and one of us puts on a crazy beat and we just start flowing. When this happens there is always at least one of my boys who has no idea what he is doing, but I always give them an “A” for effort.

Are you that one in the group that is the odd ball? The one that is seemingly always messing up the rotation and looking like the lame of the group. I am going to share with you a little trick that will help you next time you and friends decide to start a rap cipher.

The simple little trick that I am talking about that will help you is having pre writes. These are nothing more then prewritten raps that you store in your head for times like the one above. You are probably thinking to yourself that you are supposed to be freestyling off the top off the head, I can’t use prewritten raps. 

Here is how to use them properly:

You will want to right some raps that  are geared around places that you normally what freestyle rap at with your friends. For example, if most of the time your ciphers take place in the basement you will want to  make  your raps about things that  deal with the basement. If sometimes your ciphers take place in the car you will want to write your raps about being in a car.

Now when it is your turned to rap you will start off saying one of you many prewritten flows. While you are spitting you should be mentally making notes of things that are around you at that moment so when you are done with your pre write you will seamlessly be able to go into off the top of the head mode.

This is a great technique for getting you going in your freestyle rapping. Now you know how to freestyle rap well enough to impress your friends or anybody for that matter.

Source by Marcus Kindle

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