International Marbles Tournaments For Adults

Many people know marbles as a game played by children, but they are surprised when they hear about marbles tournaments for adults. These tournaments become popular in many countries, especially in Europe. There are some national federations organizing marbles events and some countries came with the idea to establish World Marbles Federation.

Most international marbles tournaments were held in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the last years. The first international tournament in Czech Republic – Czech Open – was organized in January, 2002. Tournament with the same name was organized in next 2 years. In the year 2005, the first world marbles championship in individual hole game was introduced. The world marbles championship is held every year and people from any country can participate in this great event. These tournaments are played in park in the center of Prague.

Slovak marbles federation started the international marbles tournaments for adults a few years later. The leaders of Slovak federation built up very nice marbles playground in the city of Velke Levare, not far from the capital Bratislava. They organize 2 international events every year – Slovak marbles championship and Zahorie championship.

Since many Czech players live abroad, there are also activities in other European countries. These players are trying to organize local tournaments and find new fans of this sport in the countries where they live. New national federations was also born in Asia. People from countries where was not established national marbles federation yet can establish it and start organizing of local and international tournaments.

Source by Petr Sejba

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