I pick Fury, and if I am wrong, I will stop calling Wilder a fraud.

Now some of you may know or have seen me give Wilder abuse, I’m not Wilders biggest fan.. I’m going with Wilder and it will be quick and brutal.

Fury is basically finished in my opinion, he has seriously abused himself, look at his spell outside the ring, what he was eating, drinking and maybe even taking, he has had a long spell of inactivity, he hasn’t and won’t fight a genuine live opponent before this potential fight.

I’ve not seen anything from Fury to suggest he is in any sort of condition physically or mentally to beat Wilder.

All I’ve seen he is, he has lost weight, that’s a great thing for him personally but anybody who has trained in a gym and boxed knows, you can drop excess weight very very quickly if you do the right things.

Now, I don’t rate Wilder very highly but I don’t see how Fury beats him in 2018, nope not having it.

Give Fury 12 more months in the gym, Living the life, a couple of good opponents and I’ll change my mind, but no way can I see Fury coming off the back of those two opponents getting the win, it’s too much of a leap.


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