How to Play Soccer Well

Playing and being good at soccer does not require fancy tricks and impossible moves, nor does it require the ability to weave through a whole team. Being good at playing soccer does however require mastering the basics, being fit and playing smart. This will take practice and determination. Skills such as controlling the ball while dribbling and doing correct throw in need to be developed in order to be a better player.

How To Dribble

Dribbling a soccer ball is extremely underestimated, but is one of the most important aspects of the game, if not the most important. By knowing how to dribble with control and pace, players can gain confidence and make runs. By traveling to a park or field dribbling skills can be improved. This can be done through simple drills such as weaving through cones and simply running with the ball, touching it with every step. While doing these, be sure to maintain control of the ball. In a soccer game if there are no options forward then slow down play and play the ball to the feet of a team member behind you. Possession is extremely important.

How To Do Throw-ins

An essential part of playing soccer is knowing how to correctly perform throw-ins, especially if you are in a defending or midfield role. A foul throw will result in a turnover, so be sure to master this skill. To correctly perform a throw-in, the ball must be thrown over your head, and it must be released behind your head. Both feet must be in contact with the ground.A foul throw is called when one of these rules is broken and as a result the opposition receives a throw-in from the point of the offense. The best option when throwing a ball in is to go forward down the line, especially if there are no free options.

How To Header A Soccer Ball

Head butting a soccer ball can seem like a bad idea to new players as they think that it hurts badly. This will only occur if the technique is wrong. To correctly header a ball, the ball must make contact with the front top part of your head and hit with the amount of force necessary to help it makes its way to its target.Jump to reach the ball but do not push an opponent like this will be called a foul.

How To Keep Possession Of The Soccer Ball

Extremely important in games of soccer, keeping possession is vital if success is to be achieved for a team. When the ball rolls or builds toward you, take a first touch to gain control, then dribble it or pass it off. Taking a large swing before making contact with the ball is a bad idea. Chances are you will miss it or it will simply deflect off your leg. Invest your time in obtaining accurate moving skills in order to hit your target every time and keep possession.

How To Kick A Soccer Ball

Kicking is the most exciting aspect of a game to players and is probably the most concentrated skill by young players. Different techniques must be used to kick different types of kicks. For the ball to lift off the ground, you must make contact with the ball low and be leaning back. Use the inside section of your foot near your toe. To bend or curve the ball it must be hit on an angle and you must follow through. For accurate passing along the ground, you must use the inside of your foot and lean over the ball, while fitting the ball in the middle.

Before playing and training, warm up and stretch. Many injuries of muscle pulls occur in soccer, so warm up well and cool down well.

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