Great Tyson Fury Interview(MUST WATCH) Confirms 80 mil offer AJ Duck, and Inspires the Youth

Credit to Serge for finding this a great interview from fury, one of his best.

Tyson Fury Laying Down The Law

Right there ladies and gentlemen, is the Real Champ! The real people’s champ who has been waiting patiently whilst AJ holds all of his belts for him! Both Fury and Wilder are great ambassadors of the sport, real human beings who do not answer to a slave master standing over their shoulder, ready to whip the skin off their backs if they do not read from the script he has already prepared for them

It was like listening to myself speak, word for word, I agreed with everything point made, that’s because the truth is universal. Especially regarding the youth today, they need boxing, need to learn to settle their differences in a productive way whilst channeling aggression. Not through knives, guns or emulation of the garbage witnessed on television. You can see how much Fury cares about the societal problems which are only worsening in the age of Kali.

Compared to that Fraud AJ who was seen a few weeks back, driving around in his car, window opened, filming himself approaching the lost youth of today, poisoning their little minds , teaching them that it’s about the money in life so they could run back home and show their parents how much money they recieved from AJ for nothing! No care if they should spend it on drugs. No care that they have no idea about work ethic and no care how their parents would feel having their children return home receive wads of cash from a stranger. He had the chance to teach them real principles, open up a youth club or a school or two. Instead he irresponsibly taught them how to bow down at the feet of Mammon.

Lastly there have been a several people clamouring for Wilder to fight Chisora and I’ve been telling you all, that Chisora would be seriously vulnerable to getting brain damaged if he was pushed to act as a bodyguard AJ and Fury agrees it’s a suicide mission and ethically irresponsible of Eddie Hearn to throw him in with the Gladiator of War, the same way it wasn’t right for him to throw Brook in with GGG.


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