Best Sporting Activities in Miami

Miami is famous for its beaches and beautiful sunny weather and being a leader in the entertainment world, you know that a lot of the entertainment provided will consist of sporting activities.

The beaches in Miami are simply beautiful and although they provide you with the perfect location to enjoy a spot of sunbathing, they also give you the opportunity to have a go for some fantastic water sports. You will have the chance to try out a bit of jet skiing, diving and exploring reefs and you can even do a bit of windsurfing if you wish. These sports make your days out at the beach a lot more fun and satisfy your appetite to do something different.

There are even more water sports on offer in Miami, and not just at the beach, why not head to the Biscayne National Park and take a guided canoe trip? If you have your own canoe then you should be able to take a trip for free, if not don’t worry because they’re not expensive to hire (reservations may be required) and your instructor/guide will tell you all you need to know, so you are safe on the waters. The water in and surrounding Biscayne park is too shallow for speed boats and the like, so you won’t be disturbed by them, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy this wonderful experience.

If you are not a fan of water sports, do not worry! There is so much on offer in Miami, including the Grand Prix! The “Grand Prix of Miami” is a weekend event that takes place on a course that is just over 2 miles long and promises to be great fun for everyone. As soon as you know when the event is held, it’s wise to book your tickets at the Homestead Miami Speedway because you shouldn’t miss this great event.

Another sporting event that is simply too good to miss is a match played by the Miami Heat basketball team at the American Airlines arena, these matches are a lot of fun, and even though you may not be the biggest basketball fan, I encourage you to go along for the experience and the great atmosphere. Watch the game, see the dancers and hear the crowds roar! Have yourself a lot of fun and enjoy watching a game that is suitable for the whole family. Check out the schedule so you don’t miss out, get yourself a ticket and have a great time.

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