Auto Theft Tips

By using some of the tips provided in this article, it is our intention that your car will not be a statistical.

Some of the advice given here may seem common knowledge but you would have surprised how easy some of this slips your mind! Always remember to roll up your windows and lock your door even if you park your car in front of your home. Car thieves do lurk in every neighborhood. Turn your car off and lock the doors when you're making a quick run to the gas station or convenience store. Your car could get stolen in the two minutes it took you to run into the gas station to buy a bottle of soda. Never leave valuables such as jewelry or electronics in plain view. I can not tell you how many college students have been stumped to find that their car was stolen because they left their wallet and MP3 player in the passenger side seat. It happens every day in the college neighborhood I frequently visit. There is a very popular device that is used by millions of drivers, including myself. This device is called The Club. It locks the steering wheel of your car.

There are similar devices that will lock the brakes or steering column as well. These devices typically steer car thieves in another direction, as it is nearly impossible or too time consuming to try to get the device off. It is highly recommended to purchase one of these devices for your car. Make sure to get each of your windows etched with your Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). Not only does this help trace your car if it would happen to get stolen, it is a turn off for thieves and they are less likely to take a chance on your car. A new technique car thieves are using is towing cars. To avoid this happening to you, make sure to use your emergency brake in park and turn your wheels toward the curve. If you have a security system in place, use it.

It is recommended to have it upgraded as well. There is now a system called the Kill Switch that will automatically cut off the fuel supply so that your car will not start. It is a good idea to invest in auto theft devices like The Club. It is always a safe bet to use more than one device. There are plenty of devices that will lock your steering column and brakes so that it makes it harder for a thief to steal your vehicle. And since time is an issue with thieves, they do not want to waste any trying to disable your devices. A highly recommended device is a vehicle tracking system. This device activates when your car is stolen and police are alerted to the location for prompt recovery.

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