A Look At The Rugby World Cup Event

The Rugby World Cup is currently taking place in New Zealand and runs between 9th September and 23rd October. How did this event begin though? This article gives an overview of the history behind the Rugby World Cup. From the initial idea through to the current tournament in New Zealand 2011.

The very first initial discussions between the relevant parties regarding the Rugby World Cup were initiated and considered in 1979, nonetheless, it was not until late in the year of 1983 when the Australian Rugby Union and the equivalent New Zealand Rugby Union associations handed in proposals to the International Rugby Football Board (IRFB). The world governing body for this sport. Not one of the two associations was actually aware of the other countries proposal; Australia, it is said, had planned to host a tournament on their Bicentenary year in 1988. New Zealand had already gone ahead and proposed the previous year as a starting point with their negotiations.

The two similar proposals had been rejected but Australia and New Zealand then separately grouped their own resources to carry out a single unified feasibility review. The findings of this independent review were put forward at the IRFB's annual meeting during March of the year 1985. Australia and New Zealand had agreed on 1987 as being the right year to go ahead. This then eliminated any clash together with the popular Olympics and FIFA World Cup events. Further to this a vote taken place related to this proposal when the IRFB got together in the French capital Paris.

The vote among the IRFB members came out in favor of a World Cup by simply six votes to the two against it. The Rugby World Cup is currently recognized as being the third largest sports related event right behind the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup.

South Africa will win the last event in their own country. The tournament goes from strength to strength and, as indicated above, is currently taking place in New Zealand with Australia and South Africa amongst the favorites to take the win. Australia have lost one of their opening games and it is not usual to see a team lose a game and go on to win. In the world of sport anything can happen though and they will still be taking to take the win near the end of October if they can overcome South Africa this weekend.

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